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Alaika Abdullah

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Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to my page!

My name is Alaika Abdullah, an Indonesian professional, forty-something years young and really really really love writing!

For me, writing is an exciting soul therapy, a self-heling that really helps me in refreshing my mind and re-energizing my thought.

Since I wrote on my personal blogs, then it won’t be a big deal about the subject I have to write, right? I am free to choose any topic I love about, but however, sharing/writing valuable things in my pages are a must!

I do hope that every single post released from this corner will be have an adding value for my readers, inspired and useful.

I started this hobby since 2009, with a crazy excitement. I felt like boiling. Six personal blogs created at once! True. Crazy enough for a newbie! Lol.

But, I am not worry about myself, O am a fast learner, so, working on 6 blogs are kot a big deal! I thought! Lol.

In fact?

Oh my gosh!!! It is note easy to feed up my six blogs regularly, especially because I am so brand new for this activity. 6 blogs means 6 topic to write about! Wohooo.

But, this excitement and confidence about myself, truly helps me in keeping learning and consistent to feed my blogs updated. Yeayy!!

But than, list of priorities has to be made, and consistently to fullfil. Office work has to put on number 1, and let blogging activities left behind.

But however, I decided to keep one blog to be fed regularly, consistently.

I realized that it was not easy to manage several blogs at the same time! Especially if we have another main job to handle and taking care of.

But however,again, I tried to consistently provide the article for my main blog, such as My Virtual Corner and Episode Kehidupan, which are in the Indonesian Language. On the other hand, I promised my self to also pay my responsibility in managing the other blogs, including this site. 

Unfortunately, my main job in the real world, the limitation of time, still put me in difficulties in feeding this site, but I will try my best!
I am a chemical engineer involved in chemical industries for more than 9 years before a terrible tragedy, TSUNAMI, hit and damaged my lovely hometown, Aceh on 26 December 2004.

Honestly, this tragedy called my body and soul to come back after more than 10 years never being home. No other option. I left my office in Medan, North Sumatera with no delay.

I was already in Banda Aceh on the second day after the tsunami, to find my parents and brother who lived in Banda Aceh. Thank God, I found them safe after seven days of the search. But seeing lots of people are injured and tears from people’s eyes, made me absolutely agreed when a doctor from a medical NGO asked me to join them, working and provide assistance for the survivors.

THIS is my First step in switching my profession, from a quality control engineer being a humanitarian worker. You know what? I found myself falling in love this kind of job, a lot! Helping and providing our assistance for the survivors are really-2 a happy work I ever made. It really put me in absolute happiness!

Well, it’s not easy for me to do the works related to trauma healing since my background is an engineer. But as a quick learner, Thank God, I can easily absorb the lesson provided in the training about trauma healing, which is provided by the organization for me and other Indonesian colleagues.

We learned a lot and fast! I moved into another organization after this medical NGO completed its mission and returned to the headquarter office.

BRR NAD-Nias is another agency that I joined in. Providing my contribution in regards to help my people and country. I was working in this agency for more than 3 years [until it completed its mission]. Then moved into another different agency called Handicap International.

This agency is absolutely different compared to other NGOs I used to be involved with. It is working in helping people with disabilities. I do love working with this agency. It is a golden opportunity for me to help people with disabilities.

But another scenario opened in front of mine. Another gold opportunity is available to me. Working with the United Nations! This is an awesome opportunity I ever met. Holding the position as a project manager at Handicap International, firstly made me think twice about accepting the offer from UNDP [United Nations Development Program].

But then, the suggestion from colleagues, friends, and people I love, made me left the position I held before. I left the Project Manager position at Handicap International and move into United Nations Development Project.

Thanks again My Lord, Allah the Almighty, for the gold opportunity offered for me. I do love this humanitarian work. Being a humanitarian worker is the best work I ever met.

I do love this kind of job. But this is not mean that I will do this job forever. As a human being, I also need to prepare the retired stage of my life. I won’t hope to be the humanitarian worker all the time.

That’s why I am trying to also provide the way to have passive income. The income that will support my life when I was retired from this humanitarian work. I do hope to be a Working At Home Mom, one day. And I am preparing it now. Hope this wish will come true. Amien.

Well, that’s all about me. Welcome to my page, and it is nice to have your visit and glad to know you, my lovely readers.

Best Regards,