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    21 Day Blogging Challenge

    blogging challenge

    Hello everyone, good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever and whenever you are reading this post. How is your blogging activity so far? Running well, being more creative during the stay at home mode on? Or…, you lost the idea on what to write about? 🙂 Do you need a stimulator? What if I invite you for a 21-day writing challenge? Yes, 21 days! It will effectively set “writing” as a new beautiful habit, right? Are you in? Are you excited to invite yourself to jump into this creative writing game? Let’s do it! And here are the rule!…

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    I am from the Future!

    I am from the future! I believe that the subject above made you frowned! True or true? What do you mean by that, Alaika? 😀 Well, actually this title comes up because of my friend’s statement. She, my dear buddy,…

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    blogging,  challenge

    Blogging Takes Me Here!

    Sebenarnya udah pernah menulis tentang ini beberapa kali, di beberapa blog lain yang aku miliki. Tapi mengulangnya, lagi dan lagi, selalu saja memberi tulisan yang kemasannya berbeda, dan menjadi penyegaran bagi diri sendiri, dan harapanku sih, bisa juga menjadi insight…

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    Hidup adalah Pilihan

    Pasti kita udah sering banget lah ya, mendengar istilah di atas. Hidup adalah Pilihan. Bagi sebagian besar masyarakat, pasti akan menjawab ‘Yes, indeed.’ Yup, bener banget, hidup adalah pilihan. Namun bagi sebagian masyarakat lainnya, ada juga yang membantah keras pernyataan…

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    Klik di sini untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia. Life Style is a personal blog managed by Alaika Abdullah. She is responsible for the content creating, editing and updating the articles posted in this blog, as well as responsible for the template,…